Kayla Katelyn Cariaga

Kayla Katelyn Cariaga is a singer who has currently released three singles, she is known for her amazing voice in singing.  Her career spans from 2015 and since then she has managed to grow fans from numerous performances in some states in America. She is described as a very creative singer who in her youth is about to use the guitar and piano to create some of the best upbeat and amazing sounds in music. She has a passion for singling and can play the piano.

Early life

Born in 4, June 2000 in Ramapo, New York, Kayla Katelyn Cariaga has been singing most of her life.  She started trying to sing at the age of four, and from then she loved it. With a lot of guidance and support from her parents, she was able to pick up learning the piano at a very young age. Then she also started writing poems with very strong lines. This soon turned into creative music writing and this was how it all began.

Kayla Katelyn says she draws a lot of inspiration from a lot of popular artists and she didn’t fail to mention them. Some of her motivators are celebrities like Sara Bareilles, Kinna Grannis, and Christina Perri. She believes talking about real life experiences and stories that people should relate to is very important. She says that her goal is to share her story with the world, and if possible, she hopes that it would touch the hearts of many. She also hopes that she would be the first Filipino-American to cause record-breaking events in the American music industry.


Kayla Katelyn Cariaga takes her education seriously and has the full support of her family to study and pursue her music career. She is currently a student of Monroe-Woodbury in Monroe NewYork and spends the time to study as well as make music. She plans to focus on expanding her fan base after graduation.


Kayla Katelyn Cariaga made a debut of her carrier by releasing a single titled “Everything” at the young age of 12. After that, she was also able to release another single called “Snowflakes.” She went on to release another song in 2015 title “memories”.  The next year she dropped another single titles “Stars Around in March.”

 During this time, her fan base has grown continuously in a much-sustained manner. She goes on to collaborate with some of the best people in the music industry. In 2018, she released a single for that year titled “Gone” The single brought her even more attention especially on the internet and has created even more opportunities for her latest song she is currently working on, which would be released in an EP containing 5 other songs.


Kayla Katelyn Cariaga in expanding her career, she has had some very strong collaborations that have also helped to bring her to more light. She paired with one of the legendary artists in Billy Joel’s band Richie Cannata, to do a single that was released in June 2017 with the title “Rule the world”

She also made collaboration with Universal music groups’ musician named Jackie Boy. This has made her resounding in the ears f fans and people in the music industry. Her career until now, became more widespread and with more exposure, then also top it off with some remarkable performances.

Stage Performances

Kayla Katelyn Cariaga also called Kayla C. on stage has made some remarkable performances that just put her on the map as a musician that has come to stay. She performed in the Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Orange County, Rockland County, giving these states some taste of her singles that would resonate for some time.  She has also laced her career which some great performances at some of America’s prestigious events like the Bethel woods center for arts, the rock and roll hall of fame, the comic con in long beach and the New York City marathon

Current life

Currently, in Moore, New York City, USA, she splits her time between going to school and music. She is very dedicated to her fans and has continued to tell the world that she is set to do more for her fans. With the need for her to do more music, she had received a lot of positive attention for her music to be distributed in different parts of the United States. She is set to release her first EP sometime in 2019. She had said that she would focus on her education and yet still release songs that her fans would love. She is always excited to say that she spends most of her time creating music.

She is also very sensitive about her family and also grateful for their support, she hopes to give back to them by proving that she would use their support to go all the way to the top.

Kayla C has a lot of plans coming up, once she is done with high school. She has decided that there would be a 100% focus on her fans and her music. She plans to go on a much more extensive tour and touch major cities in America. She also plans to do more collaboration and is excited about singing with some of the most talented people in the industry. There is also a hope to give the media and online fans more attention. She cannot wait to expand. 00000

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