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Menstrual cup VS Tampons -5 key benefits of a menstrual cup

Women have been using tampons since the ’90s. The use of sanitary wear to take up menstrual fluid is very essential and part of every woman’s life.  The presence of materials like tampon has been convenient for women, but not without setbacks.   A lot of women would often restrict activities ...

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The days of e-liquid and vaping have continued to soar because with SMOK MICO pod kit you can have a blast, as you relieve that beautiful time of making a sweet smelling puff. It feels good in your mouth, it feels good when you take it into your lungs, and ...

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How to wear a brooch in 12 stylish ways

The brooch is a fun piece of jewelry that has been worn by many fashion icons in time past. It has slowly dwindled as time went on, with many people remembering it as being a boring piece of jewelry for by the breast for the old. But the brooch is ...

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