10 essential oils for your basic care kit

The power of essential oils is enormous, that’s why everybody speaks about it. Aromatherapy is an old – new science, that becomes more and more popular these days. Imagine that in a 10ml bottle of essential oils can be a whole forest! That’s why you only need a drop and almost never on the skin. They are powerful and need to be used cautiously. The best thing is that if you know how to combine them, they can cure almost anything!

If you are new into aromatherapy and you don’t know where to start, here is a list of the most important 10 essential oils for your basic care kit:

1. Lavender

If you have to choose between all the oils, then lavender is the one! It is one of the most versatile oils. It has high properties for treating the burns, cuts or any type of wound. Why is that? Well, lavender is a natural strong antibiotic.

  • It has great properties on the emotional health, releasing the stress. It is also an anti-depressant and sedative with huge calming properties.
  •  Besides the fact that is a mood tonic, people use it also for the psychological shock!
  • You can keep one bottle with you all the time just in case of an emergency.

2, Tea Tree

Tea Tree and Lavender are the only essential oils that can be applied directly on the skin! The others need to be diluted in a carrier oil, like for example almond, olive or grapeseed oil.

  • Tea Tree is one of the most powerful natural antibiotics. It is safe for using it with children also!
  • It is highly efficient in herpes infections. If you manage to catch herpes before it burst and apply it a couple of drops of pure essential oil on the spot, it will dry out and heal much faster!

3. Mint

  • Mint has multiple usages also. It is a very good digestive oil, for a disturbed stomach.
  • Combined with other essential oils or by itself, it is a powerful antibiotic. I am sure you have noticed that almost all of the kinds of toothpaste have this plant in their composition. The reason is not just the fresh smell, but also the antimycotic properties.
  • Mint also helps the respiratory and circulation system!
  • Another powerful way how to use it is for varicose veins.
  • Headaches and migraines? No problem! Put a drop of essential oil on your forehead and you will feel it instantly!

4. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus has absolutely amazing properties for the respiratory system! If you have a cold just make some infused baths with this oil. You can boil water, add 2-3 drops of the oil and make a vapor bath! Cover your head with a towel and just inhale the oil! You will instantly feel better! Besides, it is analgesic, antiviral and deodorizing!

5. Lemon

  • Lemon has a great effect on mental health! Its fresh aroma brings joy and releases stress.
  • It is an incredibly efficient deodorant. Just dilute a couple of lemon essential oil drops with a soft carrier like jojoba or almond and apply it to your armpit. You will be smell free for the rest of the day. Promise! It also has tonic action, stimulating the digestive system.
  • Be very careful when using it in the sun! It is a photosensitive oil and it is best not to use it in the summer!

6. Clove

Clove is a very strong anti-bacterial oil. I am sure you know the smell. It is how in every dentist cabinet smells like. This you have to use maximum 1 drop. It is incredibly effective as a pain reliever. If you have a good quality oil at home, you can even use it on your cooking! Effective also in the treatment of asthma, headaches, muscular and joint problems.

7. Thyme

  • Thyme has powerful respiratory and digestive properties. It can also be used as a preservative.
  • Other properties are antibiotic, antifungal, antiseptic and diuretic.
  • It boosts the immune system.
  • Due to its antiviral properties, in the case of a cold, you can prevent it by burning a drop of oil in your aromatherapy lamp This will purify the air and don’t let the virus get inside.
  • Take extra care if you have problems with the thyroid gland! You have to ask a specialist if you are allowed to use it!

8. Geranium

  • Geranium comes from the Rose family and the smell is quite similar.
  • Geranium is a perfect insect repellent. Make yourself a spray out of this essential oil, alone or combined with others and no mosquitoes will come to you!
  • It is a great aid for emotions also due to its sweet calming scent.
  • It is a must for women, especially for the ones that are passing through menopause. Geranium makes the passage goes smoothly with no emotional pains.
  • Excellent as a sedative also.
  • Experts are recommending it for infertility also!

9. Rosemary

  • Rosemary is incredible for the memory. If you notice that you start forgetting things easily, quickly buy a rosemary essential oil and an aromatherapy lamp. The lamp is handy to use. You just need a tea candle, a few milliliters of water and a couple of essential oil.
  • Rosemary is great for any type of respiratory issues, bringing back good health. Skin issues disorders benefit also from this oil, being proofed that it is very efficient on acne!

10. Chamomile

  • There are more types of Chamomile essential oil, the higher ranked being the Roman Chamomile. I
  • t has a deeply relaxing effect. It is a powerful sedative and anti-depressant oil.
  • Highly valuable also for its anti-inflammatory properties, being used successfully in arthritis, rheumatism or external inflammations.
  • It heals fast the burns, even if it is not applied to them straight away.

I hope I gave you an idea about the most important essential oils if you want to start the aromatherapy art at home. Don’t forget! Never apply the oils directly on your skin! And if in doubt, ask a specialist about them.

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