Pros and Cons of White Gold Rings: Guide for Men

When it comes to choosing rings and wedding bands, the white gold ring is a popular choice, the reason is not farfetched, as this is one of the few versatile rings you will ever find out there, it will shock you to know that not only is this band beautiful, it is even more affordable compared to other metals like platinum.


A brief detail

In the early 40s – before the world war II, platinum was the most sorted after rings but that changed in the late 40s after the world war had ended has there was a ban on manufacturing of platinum, that was when people turned to white gold for jewelry. what makes up this amazing metal includes Palladium, Nickel, Pure gold, and silver.

It is referred to as white gold, but its just a yellow gold coated with rhodium to attain its silver color. one of the cons which will talk about later is that the color starts to change with time.


White gild is similar to the yellow gold, it is also measured in Karats. And to find the stamp quality of the metal by looking inside the ring.

As a man, there are things you need to know about this metal before purchasing one for your wife-to-be and yourself. Here are some pros and cons that will guide you.

  • They are beautiful to behold

This is one band you can buy for yourself or your wife as women prefer white gold rings to the yellow ones because they feel it is more fashionable.

It can easily be your perfect “mangagement” ring and provides that timeless feel for any occasion. The neutral color screams innocence and purity.

  • It is very affordable

Many people prefer the white gold pendants compared to the solid gold pendants, the reason for that is its affordability. White Gold cost less and will save you more money during your engagement and you will still end up with a very beautiful ring.

Platinum is very rare as just over 70 tons are mined annually, meanwhile, more than 26 000 tons of gold are mined manually, due to the yellow gold’s availability, the white gold is said to more affordable. Don’t let the price fool you, this is one classic precious you should buy.

  • It is Very strong

Off all the pure gold, the white gold is very tough, but still very light. If you are that type of a man who loves putting on his engagement ring all the time without worrying about your ring getting spoilt, due to the kind of work that you do, the white gold would be good for you. \

  • It is Versatile

When you go for the white gold, you have tons of styles to go through, that’s why it is referred to as one of the most versatile metal out there. What has contributed to its versatility is its affordable price. Now, once picked, you have loads of style to choose from.



  • The Allergy troubles.

When buying the white gold ring you have to be very careful as it is said to contain Nickel which can pose allergy, it will be great if you are not one of the 20 percent that is said to be allergic to metal. The allergies include discoloration, itching, change in the color of the skin, selling in the area touched by the metal and so much more.

  • Needs to be plated with Rhodium overtime

If you still want to keep the color and the quality of the ring, you will need to periodically plate it with Rhodium or else it will lose its quality. The plating is done six to twelve years, don’t bother counting from the years when you got the ring as the years differ depending on the maintenance.

If this is one thing you really don’t appreciate this part of the white gold, then you should opt in for platinum as the platinum doesn’t change color and is durable too.

  • Will change color as time passes by

Breaking news! It is not really white, that’s just the combination of yellow gold and another alloy, so continuous wearing of this ring will make it lose its color. it starts by changing to a faint yellow especially you are that type of man who likes wearing rings every time. Even though we said it takes six to twelve months before it starts changing color if you wear and use roughly, the color might start to change within a year.

  • Might Irritate Your skin

As we’ve said earlier, white gold is not a pure gold, it is a combination of yellow gold and white metals like Silver, Palladium, nickel or zinc. Now when worn over time, there is a high tendency that the white metal could irritate your skin or the part touched by the band. Some people find this very uncomfortable and tend to go for platinum as it is pure gold and won’t break down

Even with the cons that we’ve stated, it still doesn’t take away from the beauty of the white gold ring. But if you still don’t like it, get your wife one.

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