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The days of e-liquid and vaping have continued to soar because with SMOK MICO pod kit you can have a blast, as you relieve that beautiful time of making a sweet smelling puff. It feels good in your mouth, it feels good when you take it into your lungs, and ...

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How to wear a brooch in 12 stylish ways

The brooch is a fun piece of jewelry that has been worn by many fashion icons in time past. It has slowly dwindled as time went on, with many people remembering it as being a boring piece of jewelry for by the breast for the old. But the brooch is ...

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4 travel gadgets for Men

Traveling can be a burden if not properly planned for. It becomes cumbersome and stressful when you are thinking of packing your luggage to fit a bag or to try to pack your bags so that it meets a recommended traveling luggage weight.   When planned right, with the right tools ...

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