Differences Between Lifeguard Swimsuits – One piece and Two Piece

Lifeguards have no easy job. Being a lifeguard is a strenuous and challenging job. With the recurrent water rescues that lifeguards have to do, it is essential that they have the gear required that won’t slow them down. Hence, a lifeguard’s swimsuits are an important part of their getup.

Lifeguards must ensure that they wear swimsuits that don’t wear and tear easily. They also have to make sure that their swimsuits won’t prove to be a hazard. For example, a loose swimsuit can get caught on something and slow a lifeguard down if he/she is trying to save a drowning person.

Two Piece Swimsuits

Two piece swimsuits consist of a top and a separate bottom, much like a bikini. These are usually lightweight and durable. Lifeguard swimsuits are explicitly made to withstand chlorine and saltwater. Two piece swimsuits are typically made from polyester to ensure that lifeguards can execute their job correctly.

The great thing about a two piece swimsuit is that you can use it for both professional performance and recreational activity. These swimsuits are comfortable to wear throughout the day. Two piece swimsuits are also an excellent option because they’re stylish.

One Piece Swimsuits

One piece swimsuits do not have a separate top and bottom. They’re more like a bodysuit. One piece swimsuits are used a lot by professional swimmers. This is no coincidence. Studies have shown that one piece swimsuits enable a person to swim faster and better. Thus, one piece swimsuits can really help lifeguards do their job better.

Even though both one piece and two piece swimsuits are made of the same material, one piece swimsuits offer more protection than two piece swimsuits. In one piece swimsuits, less of your skin is exposed, and hence, you can protect yourself from unhygienic cuts or injuries from unknowing objects in the water.

What swimsuit to wear really depends on the lifeguard at the end of the day. Despite physical advantages and disadvantages, the choice of swimsuit also depends on personal taste.

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