LGBTQ rights and the current progress (and lack thereof) around the world

It has been a very difficult walk for the gay and transgender community. Since the 1950s when the sustained gay right group, was formed, the community has continued to fight its battle, one step at a time. Sometimes in bug chunks and others, immediately. The LGBT community has faced mixed reactions from the globe. All these stemmed to numerous personal dogmas and it has become so hard to change.

However a lot of progress has been made. It is also important to celebrate how much they have come thus far. It wasn’t an easy one, but they made it possible.  From the United States to the UN, the LGBTQ community has seen so much progress. However there are still so many challenges ahead and so much harm that have also been recorded.

Is the community moving forwarded or are there efforts been thwarted at every turn? For the general community, acceptance can be a major challenge, but this is only prevalent because of ignorance. As we continue to promote peace and equality. Governments, people and civil societies, also including the military would begin to see that the act of not looking down on another is actually recognizing humanity.

We have put together a list of some of the major events that have taken place in the LGBTQ community and also to influence the community. It however consists of both the good and the bad and all the details that run in the middle to create the blurred line that makes us all human.

Current progress and setbacks

In the United States, a lot of buzz and positive reviews where gotten on the movies that portrayed the LGBTQ community. Moving forward to the government, it still remains a bit of a complicated situation to them. The United States government barred transgender to continue service or serve in the military with an executive order.

 Signed protection for LGBTQ activist and prominent participations

During the administration of Barck Obama, gay rights were legalized in all the country. After that few gay people where seen to rise into public positions and offices, the military secretary of the United States was one of such positions

Violence against LGBTQ

In places like Tanzania and Egypt; there has been violence against LGBT people. A lot of people were arrested in night clubs and hostels, at the president’s order. It was recorded that about two hundred people were detained as a result of the raid. However the united states responded to this and withheld arms to the nation.

In Chechnya, there had also been organized killing and torture severely for their acts. A purge was organized to inflict violence on these people. This has cause immigrating in these areas, where some activist and group leaders are now settled in countries like Canada.

Apart from governments attacking LGBTQ’s, the gay and transgender community are also being attacked by citizens in Britain and Canada. Violence on gay people in these countries saw a reasonable increase in the attacks on transgender and gay people.

However to completely tell the world that they had done an inhumane act, some people in Netherlands where recorded to have held hands with people who had been recently attacked in solidarity.

Still in Tanzania, gay rights activists are constantly threatened and police raids are carried out.

Signed education for LGBTQ

The Japanese government agreed to give protection to student who is transgender but they have refused to put into effect any changes in their school curriculum to educate children about being gay.

Countries like Australia, Malta, Finland and Germany have accepted gay right and passed them into law. The president of Australia gives a remarkable speech, trying to apologize on behalf of the government on acts of discrimination. In some other countries like Russia, gay right law and perception are still not defined.

.Court rulings against LGBTQ

In some states in the United States, they have tried to reduce the opportunity for same sex couples to adopt children, while the Israeli government has endorsed the possibility of gay couple’s child adoption.

So many light years have been achieved for the LGBTQ community, irrespective on the many challenges that remain. Yet, none of them are insurmountable. For the first time, the United Nations acknowledged crimes against the LGBTQ community. The progresses made would only continue to increase.

A lot of people have also been able to open up about their identity, from very popular people to everyday people on the streets, making it a win-win for everyone. .

The road ahead for LGBTQ

In the coming years, we expect to see more countries caving in and also joining the world to recognize the LGBTQ community, helping us grow in an equal environment some of the LGBTQ advocates might have also taken a step higher for transgender in the case of toilet facilities. This was ruled against but might be revisited.

The fight for the Individual LGBTQ

 For the Lesbian, gay, transgender, the fear is always, should I stay secret and remain in hiding or should expose myself and be free. Both of the choices seem daring, bold and also give you an option to be free in different terms. Do you want to be free by hiding and pretending and not being yourself, So much so that you don’t have an identity or an opinion? Or do you want to be free, to come out and face the challenges that are bound to come to you because there are people out there that don’t understand what it means to be different. It is up to you to choose and each of the choices would be very hard.

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