4 travel gadgets for Men

Traveling can be a burden if not properly planned for. It becomes cumbersome and stressful when you are thinking of packing your luggage to fit a bag or to try to pack your bags so that it meets a recommended traveling luggage weight.   When planned right, with the right tools by your side, you backpacking and movements can be done in a breeze such that you begin to fill smarter than others.

  1. Freetoo portable scale

If you travel a lot, then you would know that it is very frustrating to get to the airport only to find out that your luggage weight too much and you have to pay extra. Many times you need to repack and unpack. This is the part of it that is even no fun.  Freetoo portable scale is a gadget that every traveler needs to have, providing a quick tool, to check baggage weights.


  • Single navigation and power on button      

The Freetoo portable scale is made to have a single power button. Just by the side of the LCD screen. The power on button is also used to select your preferred weight measurement type.

  • Flat scale weighing just 26g

The device is completely light, so you can carry it about, it won’t really cause much different on the weight of your luggage.

  • Ease of use and handling

This portable scale is very easy to carry and handle, it comes with a belt, which you use to hold your luggage while you take it up to see the weight showing on the LCD screen. If the weight is between around 50kg then you should hold it with both hands.


  • This gadget eliminates the time it takes to repack when you find out that the weight of your bag is above the recommended weight.
  • It makes you feel more organized and orderly during a trip.
  • It saves you money for having to pay for extra luggage.

Customer Satisfaction

The scale needs to work perfectly well, with its readings. A lot of customers are happy with how close it reads. It is certainly a recommended travel companion.

  • Portable bag case for electronic accessories

Get a travel bag that fits all your electronic accessories and puts them in one place. This makes searching for them easier and puts things in order for you. You cords, Chargers, AV wires and so much more are very important. As tiny as they are, they are capable of making a traveler feel very frustrated. If they are not properly packed, they could be lost in the mix of try to fold up some clothes. They can also be damaged while trying to bring out some stuff out of your bag. With a portable organizer bag, everything is fixed in the right position and there are no wires entangling with each other.


  • Numerous fitted compartments for different kinds of gadgets
  • Well strapped areas for cords
  • Well, Padded Box to ensure that your gadgets are safe, no matter how the bag is carried.


  • Helps you cut the cost of repairing or replacing damaged gadget accessories.
  • Helps you get more organized so you can view your gadgets and its accompanying cables in specialized compartments.
  • Travel passport holder

Get all your cards and IDs in one place, especially if you are traveling as a family. This very compact passport holder makes it very easy for you to carry all your documents and pick them out without having to rummage through a big bag.


  • It is of wallet size
  • It comes with a nylon proof for protection
  • It comes with multi compartments


  • Saves you the time spent in looking for documents and ID’s. With the passport holder, you simply know that all your documents are in one place and all you have to do is look inside to pick out what you want.
  • It can be put inside any other small purse or carryon bag, so just in case you need to pull out your passport, you don’t have to start searching through the large bags. 

Customer satisfaction

There a lot of positive reviews about the wallet passport holder, it is really a travel companion, especially for large families. It is quite better to keep all your documents in one place than having each of the family members keep theirs or packing it in an envelope. It also comes with a very nice package material, so it can pass off for a great travel gift.

  • Yogaw business laptop backpack

 The business laptop backpacks proffer concrete solution to packing up lots of luggage easily. It fits in laptop gadgets, and your travel needs.  The backpack makes packing up very easy with is durable material that makes it long lasting.   It also comes with a plug-in capacity, making it easy to charge while walking and also listen to music.

Features of the Yogaw business backpack

  • A durable water resistant material
  • Plug-in outlet
  • Multi-compartment


  • When it comes to bags, you get to save money because yogaw offers you a long lasting product and you don’t have to think about a compact bag pack for a long time, if you like, for years.
  • It makes packing very easy, putting everything including gadgets safely in one place.
  • There is less energy dispensed in packing and carriage because you can put everything in one place and you don’t have to carry so many bags at once.
  • It provides outlets to charge a phone and listen to music so you can use your phone on the go.

Customer Satisfaction

“This backpack has made traveling so easy,” a customer remarked.  It serves its purpose very well and even goes overboard.

Unburden your travel experience by using these 4 must-have travel products that make it easy for you to go through the airport, pack your luggage and enjoy yourself even on the go, fffffff

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