Yes, You Guessed Right, They Are Scorpio.

Rising sign in escorpio sounds mystical to many and indeed have its origins in ancient Egyptian mysticism. Generally called Scorpio, it is believed those under this sign were born when the sign of Scorpio was rising in the East same as the rising sun that day. And they are quite a distinct lot.

Mystics believe your rising sign determines how you project yourself, how others see you and what travails you can expect to pass through in life. Your sign equally determines your personality and when it comes to personality, none could be stronger than those born under this sign.

All about Scorpio.

This sign covers those born between October 23rd to November 21st. This eight sign in the zodiac circle, this sign is governed by Mars and Pluto, with its representing element being water and symbol a scorpion.

It’s all in the symbolism.

The symbolism attached to this sign is not arbitrary, it represents the core values of those that fall under this sign. The planets, element and the animal associated with this sign says a lot about the traits you will expect to find in scorpios.

The scorpion that is representative of this zodiac sign says a lot about the way Scorpios see life. Just like the scorpion, they will rather die than back down from any venture. This is seen at times by most people to be overbearing. They are in total control of their destiny and just like the scorpion, they have great regenerative power. They are strong-willed and never give up.

The planets that govern this sign are believed to affect the lives of scorpios on earth. As the planets journey through the universe, passing through different constellations, they bring either good fortune or ill luck to those under their control. In ancient Roman mythology, Mars was the god of war and was the first ruler of Scorpio, Pluto the god of the underworld is the second ruler over this sign. This tells you Scorpio is deep and penetrating people who always go all out. They are not to be taken lightly.

The water element says a lot about their personalities too. As it is said, slow water runs deep, expect to decipher only the no-nonsense personality they portray as any other trait remains buried. You will be surprised by how strong-willed a seemingly shy Scorpio is. The calm nature of standing water is same calmness they will portray, but do not take that for weakness because the reservoir of strength within is inexhaustible when it comes to this group. Dogged determination is an unmistakable trait expected to be found in all Scorpio.

When the scorpion stings.

They won’t spare you. They are calm but passionate about everything they do. They will beat you in business and leave you hanging out dry. They don’t know how to back down and are the very definition of go-getters. Underestimate them at your risk and valorise them to your own glory for there is nothing as comforting as having a Scorpio on your side when a war is raging anywhere in life. When the rising sign in Scorpio rises, a winner is born.

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