Kristinia Debarge Biography

Kristinia was born on March eighth, 1990; best known for participating in American Idol in 2003. Jamie signed a contract with islands record in 2009; she released an album named exposed, where she published a song titled goodbye.

Early life

Kristinia Debarge is the daughter of James Debarge a music producer and songwriter; she started practicing music when she was three years old. When she was twelve, her father James took her to Four A.M studio to record her music. She composed a song called how I feel inside, which made her father realize how dangerous she was with music.

She contested for the American Idol: American juniors where she managed to be among the top ten group to make it in the finals, unfortunately, she did not make it to the top five. She comes from a mixed family; her mother is of Scottish, Spanish, Irish, English, French, Norwegian and Danish origin. However, her father is a Canadian, English, French and African American origin. Her Family is known for having a great-grandfather who founded the first Baptist church in America; his great-grandfather was called Roger Williams. Kristinia grew up in a music family since her father was a musician and a songwriter. His father composed a song called rhythm of the night in 1985. She has other five siblings.

Music Career

At the age of fourteen, she met Kennedy Edmonds where she worked with him for five years; she signed a music label with Def. Jam records. In 2009, her single goodbye was released and made it to the top 75 billboard chart of top hundred singles. A few months later it was number fifteen on the Billboard chart. In Canada, it was high fifteen on the billboard top hundred chart. The same year, Kristinia partnered with a retailer shop called Wet Seal Inc. which made her clothes. Through her dedication to music, she was nominated by the NAACP for being an outstanding new artist. She released a new song in 2012 named the cry wolf; it came from her album called young and restless. On April third, 2013, she released ignite which was recorded by Manhattan records, the same year in May she released another song higher. She has been featured in various music albums like let go done by Redrama. In 2016, she released a song called thinking out loud.

Acting Career

She has made several appearances in various acts like the school Gyris which aired on Nickelodeon in 2010. She acted in a movie called Christmas in Compton. She also performed as Anastasia in a film called school dance in 2014 which was directed and filmed by Nick Cannon. She also acted as Melody in the mint aired in 2015.




In September 2013, Kristinia got engaged to Finesse Mitchell who was a former an SNL actor. They got married in the following year; the private wedding was held at the Wynn Hotel Las Vegas.

Kristinia Biography is not detailed apart from her music and acting career, she is worth $2 million. Her private life is unknown; she prefers to keep her relationships a secret. There is no information on where she went to school and who she studied with, through this, she has had no criticism because of relationships and other personal things which put celebrities on the spot.

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