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Rad Sports and Outdoors Ripper Mx Mountain Bike

The Rad Sports and Outdoors Ripper Mx Mountain Bike makes for a fantastic starter bike for boys and men aged 12 years and up. The design is sleek and stylish and with its 18-inch frame, it is suitable for riders with a height range of 5ft 6 to 5ft 9. If you are looking for a durable and robust bike for your young teens, then this bike will fit the purpose perfectly. Ideal for both on and off-road use, the Rad Sports and Outdoors Ripper Mx Mountain Bike is the perfect entry level bike for those with a more adventurous streak when it comes to cycling.

Benefits & Features Of The Rad Sports and Outdoors Ripper Mx Mountain Bike

The Rad Sports and Outdoors Ripper Mx Mountain Bike has been designed with an 18-inch frame, which is the perfect size for the majority of 12-year-olds and teens. The mechanical disk allows for fantastic stopping power, even on the slipperiest or wettest of surfaces. Next up we have the tough and durable steel frame, which provides ample durability for the toughest of terrains.

For those that require adjustable speeds and levels of difficulty, the 18-speed system helps make for the perfect off-road mountain bike experience. Climbing steep inclines or speeding down uneven and bumpy surfaces becomes a delight with the Rad Sports and Outdoors Ripper Mx Mountain Bike, while its strong frame guarantees that no damage will happen to the bike. The ease of switching gears is further enhanced with the use of micro-shift rotational shifters and Shimano rear derailleurs.

Weighing in at 18kg, the Ripper Mountain Bike is a joy to use and makes it easy to be carried should the occasion arise. This proves to be especially useful when the bike is muddy and needs to be carried through the home. The lightness of the bike also makes it easy to handle at the fastest of speeds and navigating off-road terrains is much less of a struggle. This is the perfect bike for those with an adventurous nature and provides a safe and comfortable riding experience.

Lastly, the dimensions of the Rad Sports and Outdoors Ripper Mx Mountain Bike come in at 167 x 59 x 102 centimeters and the mechanical braking system features Zoom branded brake pads on both wheels. There are also front and rear mudguards, which ensure of a cleaner riding experience when on wet or muddy surfaces.

Customer Satisfaction

The Rad Sports and Outdoors Ripper Mx Mountain Bike is one of the best choices for older early to older teens and offers up a smooth and desiccated riding experience with a stylish and desirable design. As with all image-conscious teens, the look of a bike is sometimes more important than its ride-enhancing features. However, you can rest assured that the Rad Sports and Outdoors Ripper Mx Mountain Bike the 2 perfectly, so your teenager will not only have a durable and easy to control bike, but also one that they will be proud to be seen on and will enjoy using for many years to come.

Common Questions

Does The Bike Come Fully Assembled?

The bike will arrive part assembled. This is so delivery costs can be kept down while providing a better price to the customer. When you receive the bike you will notice that the back wheel and chain etc have been attached and are securely in place. You will need to affix the front wheel, the saddle, and the handlebars, which are easy to do and will take no time at all. This proves especially beneficial to those who are buying this as a gift as the part assembled bike won’t give away any clues as to what it is when it is delivered.

Is It Suitable For Those Under 5ft 6”?

For the best riding experience, the bike is best suited to those who range between 5ft 6” and 5ft 9”. This will provide a comfortable seated position with the legs and back at a more natural angle. While those slightly shorter or taller will also be able to enjoy riding the Rad Sports and Outdoors Ripper Mx Mountain Bike, it would be best to select an appropriate size to guarantee the smoothest and most enjoyable use.

Will The Steel Frame Rust?

Absolutely not. The Rad Sports and Outdoors Ripper Mx Mountain Bike’s steel frame is fully sealed and protected and is designed with intensive usage in mind. Provided that the bike is kept clean and dry and any damage caused to the steel sealant is repaired you will get many years of use out of the bike and it will remain in the very best condition. Of course, these rules apply to absolutely every type of bike. The Ripper Mx will not rust with extensive use and correct storage of the bicycle will further increase its durability and weather resistant properties.

Advice On Using The Rad Sports and Outdoors Ripper Mx Mountain Bike

Before taking your Rad Sports and Outdoors Ripper Mx Mountain Bike out a test spin you are going to need to assemble the front wheel, saddle, and handlebars. Fixing these onto the bike will only take a few moments and then you will be ready to go. If you intend on using the bike in muddy conditions, deflate the tires slightly to ensure of better surface grip. For use on the road, inflate the tires to the correct pressure and enjoy.

It is also a good idea to give your new bike a wipe down with a damp cloth after use to help remove any surface debris and then store it in a dry and secure location. If the bike is to be used on the roads during the early morning or evening, then ensure that it is fitted with front and rear lights for added safety.


·       The Rad Sports and Outdoors Ripper Mx Mountain Bike makes for the perfect bike for younger and older teens and is as stylish as it is functional.

·       The design of the bike allows for it to be used in a versatile manner and it is as easy to use on the roads as it is to use down rough and uneven terrains.

·       The bike will provide many years of use without succumbing to wear and tear. If you are looking for a tough and ready bike, then this will be the perfect choice.

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