20 drawing tablets for beginners

The modern age and technology have had their influence on everything around us, so naturally, the arts were not spared either. More often than not, it is possible to see an artist drawing on a tablet than on a piece of paper these days. This is just the next step when it comes to different forms of art, and if you wish to try it out as well, you’ve come to the right place.


One of the biggest question that modern artists have to face is which tablet should they choose. They need something that is easy to use, and practical. However, most of the beginners aren’t comfortable with paying for pricey tablets, only to discover that this kind of art doesn’t suit them.  In order to help them out, here is a list of 20 drawing tablets that are great for beginners when it comes to tablet-drawing.


  1. Turcom TS-6610 Graphic Tablet


This is a great, and pretty cheap drawing tablet for beginners. It is good for artists, but also for children who are showing an interest in drawing. The tablet has a surface area of 10×6.25 inches, which is more than enough room for beginners.


  1. Huion Inspiroy G10T


This is a bit more expensive model, but with the same dimensions as the previous one. However, this one has a lot more features and a much smoother design. It allows you freedom, but also precision, and it even has a stronger battery.


  1. Simbans PicassoTab


This is another tablet of a better quality, and with it, you will even get 3 bonus items. Those include a great quality tablet case, screen protector, and a universal power adaptor. Not to mention a pen that comes with a tablet as well. The model itself is great and very practical, especially when it comes to drawing.


  1. Wacom Intuos Draw CTL490DW


Wacom drawing tablets are generally amazing when it comes to drawing. You can easily use it instead of a mouse and draw with much more freedom and precision, all of which will be projected on your computer. This model especially is dedicated to drawing very much, and every artist will enjoy using it.


  1. Wacom Intuos Art


Another Wacom tablet, and yes, this is another version specially made for drawing and painting. It allows you a lot of artistic freedom to paint, draw, edit, and repaint. You can be more precise than ever with new features, better navigation, and alike. It also comes with drawing and painting software, so you don’t have to buy any additional apps or programs.


  1. Huion New 1060 Plus


Huion tablets for drawing are very good, and each of them is better than the previous one. This version especially offers a lot of new features, free gifts, and changes the experience quite a lot, when it comes to drawing.


  1. Wacom Intuos Pro


This Wacom drawing tablet works with both, PC or Mac. Whatever you prefer, it this model will be there for you. It features a new pen technology that will allow you much more precision while drawing with a pen. It has a super-slim design, which makes it very practical and a lot lighter. It is fast, precise, and generally excellent for drawing.


  1. Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition


Another Wacom drawing tablet, but this time the so-called paper edition. This one is available for both Mac and PC too, and it lets you capture, and also edit your sketches. It is very pressure sensitive, and it responds to even the slightest tilts. All in all, it is a great device, definitely interesting and worthy of giving it a try.


  1. Huion H420


This model is compatible with all of the modern and popular drawing and painting apps. You can use it to project your drawings on the computer screen, or you can use it as a mouse. It features three expresskeys, it allows pen scrolling, and it lets you be precise and capable of making great drawings.


  1. Huion H610 Pro


A tablet made for drawing that already comes with a glove and a carrying bag. It has a more than decent drawing surface, which will allow you to always have enough space. You get 8 customizable buttons, as well as 16 hotkeys. It is a great tablet, and it will serve you well.


  1. UGEE M708


This model is a favorite of a lot of artists. It features 10×6 inches of the drawing area, with 8 hotkeys. It has a lot of levels of pressure sensitivity, and it works with both Windows and Mac, as well as all of their apps. It is truly perfect for every occasion, and having it with you at all times is a must.


  1. Ugee M708 Art Design


Another Ugee model, this time it arrives with a special drawing glove, that will allow you to reach every part of the drawing area without damaging your drawings. It features a 10×6 inches large screen, with 8 hotkeys, an extremely sensitive pen. This model too works with both Windows versions, as well as Mac, and it is compatible with tons of apps used for drawing.


  1. Wacom Bamboo One


This is a smaller version of a drawing tablet which makes it that much more practical. It is easy for you to carry it around, and it is always there if you need to make a sketch.


  1. XP-Pen Star05


Here, we have a wireless tablet with an awesome painting board and a lot of hotkeys. The stylus is battery-free, and it allows you to work without interruptions. Next. it features touch-sensitive shortcut keys, and it is also compatible with both Mac and Windows.


  1. Monoprice


This drawing tablet allows you great accuracy, and it performs really well. Its screen is 10×6.25, and it features 400 LPI. This one also features 8 express keys, and 16 different hot cells, all located on the upper edge. It comes with its own drivers and software utilities, and they include both Mac and Windows.


  1. Wacom Intuos Draw CTL490DW


Now, Wacom is a perfect one for beginners. It allows them to easily grasp the concept of digital drawing, and also to experiment and find their own style. The pen is battery-free, and you get four express keys that you can customize. It works with both Mac and Windows, and you can even use it as a replacement for your mouse.


  1. Huion INSPIROY Q11K


Yet another Huion model, this time with 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity. This is a bit more expensive one, with all of its features enhanced in order to provide an even better experience. It has 8 express keys, and it also features a vertical stand pen holder. Its screen is 11×6.87 inches, which is a huge difference when you compare it to most of the others. Really a tablet worth having.


  1. XP-Pen Star06


The Star 06 model features two different kinds of USB capability – wireless, as well as wired. It has a fast-charging lithium battery, while the pen is battery-free. It has 6 shortcut keys, as well as a dial that allows quick access to those keystrokes and shortcuts that you use the most commonly.


  1. XP-Pen Artist16


If you don’t mind a bit more expensive equipment, then this is the best one you’re likely to find. It features a large screen, multiple shortcut keys, an adjustable stand, and much more. Of course, the quality is much better, but the price is larger as well.


  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3


Of course, we have to include a special model for Samsung fans. This one features a 9.7-inch screen, with 32GB. It comes with its own pen, which is the very best one for precision. Together with this tablet’s pressure-responsiveness, you will get much more precise drawings and sketches.


You can check all of these tablets out on Amazon through the links in their titles. Make sure to vote for your favorite, and tell us if we missed a good one while creating this list.


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