20 Best Office Chairs for 2017

Your office chair is one of the most important factors of your everyday life. You sit in it for eight or more hours every day, and you depend on a good quality chair in order to be able to do your job right. Having a good chair can make a huge difference in your life, and it can improve your health, your productiveness, and even your mood.


Of course, it is an office chair, and you are meant to sit in it and work for the entire day. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be comfortable at the same time. If you’re interested, and you wish to see some of the best chairs that you can use in your office, stick around. We will now show you the 20 best office chairs for you to use, and the best thing is – they’re all on Amazon. You don’t even have to go anywhere in search for the right one. Simply order them online, and soon enough, they’ll be at your door. Let’s start.


  1. AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair – Black


This is a very comfortable chair, bounded in PVC and black leather. The seats are padded, and they will make sure that you’re comfortable at all times. You can adjust the height of the chair, and move it around easily. It comes with assembly instructions that shouldn’t pose any problems for you. Its maximum weight capacity is around 250 pounds.


  1. AmazonBasics Low-Back Task Chair


This time, we have a low-back task chair that is very comfortable, and capable of making you concentrated and productive. Both its seat, and its back are padded, which will make sure that you don’t have any back pain caused by being uncomfortable. The chair has a 1-year warranty, and it can be adjusted in any way you see fit.


  1. AmazonBasics Low-Back Computer Chair – Black


This is a perfect chair for those who have to sit in front of a computer for an entirety of their day. It is very adjustable and practical, and at the same time, it will make sure that your posture is right and proper.


  1. AmazonBasics Big & Tall Executive Chair


This is a chair that you’ll be absolutely in love with. It is extremely comfortable, with a high back, which fits perfectly with taller users. It features brown leather, as well as a lumbar mechanism that you can adjust in order to get the best feel while sitting in it. It is definitely a chair that you deserve.


  1. Ergonomic Mesh Computer Office Desk Midback Task Chair w/Metal Base


This is a strong and quality chair, specially made in order to make your posture proper and to keep you focused on everyday work. It is very sturdy and stable, and it features a pneumatic control handle that will allow you to adjust it as much as you want. It is a chair that you will definitely recommend to your friends and colleagues.


  1. Modway Articulate Black Mesh Office Chair


This is a chair of a very interesting design. Its back and height are fully adjustable, as well as armrests. It features a sponge seat that is covered with vinyl, as well as a pneumatic height adjustment handle. You will need to assemble it yourself, but it should not be a problem.


  1. New High Back PU Leather Office Chair


Another very comfortable chair, with high back and bounded in leather. This is a very strong and durable model, which also looks very impressive, and will definitely become your most favorite seat.


  1. Executive Swivel Office Chair (Red)


This is a chair most often associated with gaming, although its design and strength can serve you well in any environment. It features 360-degree swivel, and it can move smoothly in different directions. It can even rock back and forth. Not only that, but it is actually comfortable enough to allow you to take a quick nap during your break time.


  1. Mid Back Mesh Ergonomic Computer Desk Office Chair, H12 Black


Next, we have another very comfortable chair, but this one is dedicated to working, much more than napping. It is comfortable and serious, and it will show everyone that you mean business. It can be partially adjusted, and it is perfect for the long hours in front of a computer.


  1. New High Back Racing Car Style Bucket Seat Office Desk Chair


Here, we have another larger chair with a lot of space for you to enjoy its comfort. It has a high back, and it is designed in style of a racing car. It is adjustable and comfortable, and you will, by all means, enjoy sitting in this one very much.


  1. Comfort Swivel Fabric Office and Home Task Chair


This is a great example of simple, but a comfortable chair that is perfect for business meetings, as well as for long hours behind the desk. It will always properly support your back and correct the way you sit, in order to protect and straighten your backbone. Try it out, you won’t regret it.


  1. Herman Miller Aeron Chair – Size B


Another strong fully loaded chair with tension control and a rear tilt lock. It also features forward tilt, and it is made to make you look professional, but also make you feel that way. It is perfect for any office, and strong enough to last you for years.


  1. Sleekform Memory Foam Black Executive Office Chair


This is a chair with a mesh back, and a strong, lumbar support. It is specially crafted to make its user comfortable and healthy, but also to keep them cool during the long hours of sitting in this chair. It is fully adjustable, with a strong base, and a very sleek design. It is also quite easy to assemble, and all you need to do is follow a few easy steps.


  1. Flash Furniture High Back White Leather Executive Swivel Chair


This is a white leather chair, with chrome arms, as well as chrome base. It is simplistic, but also very beautiful, and excellent for long hours of sitting. In it, you will feel comfortable and concentrated, which is exactly what this chair’s intention is.


  1. Empire Setu Replica Mesh Management Chair (Black)


A very modern chair, with a very modern design. Despite its look, it will definitely make you feel healthier and more productive from the moment you sit in this chair. This is an excellent example of a chair that works for you, instead of making you adapt to it. Definitely a must try!


  1. Herman Miller Mirra 2 Chair


Here we have a strong, large chair with a standard tilt, fixed armrests, and a graphite seat. The structure of this chair is a hybrid one, and it will definitely help your body stay healthy. Also, it might help you to know that up to 93% of this chair is perfectly recyclable. An interesting chair, at the very least.


  1. AmazonBasics Mid-Back Office Chair, Black


After all those complex chairs with special materials and extra features, it is refreshing to return to a more standard version of an office chair. This is a pretty strong, very comfortable and very soft chair, with middle sized back, and seat adjustment features. It is simple and open, and yet still very professional and serious. It will fit every traditional office well.


  1. Alera Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Multifunction Chair, Black


This is another mid-back chair, that features multifunctional mechanisms. It lets you adjust the angle of the back and set it in any way that suits you best. The chair also allows your body to breathe while sitting in it, which also reduces the heat. Not to mention that it is very soft and comfortable.


  1. TOPSKY Mesh Computer Office Chair


This will be a perfect chair for you if you suffer from back pain, and wish to have a more comfortable seat. It features a skeletal back frame, which is then covered with strong mesh. This design allows both the chair, as well as your back, to breathe and remain cool. In turn, that will reduce the sweating and everything that comes with it. The chair is very strong and stable, and it will help you be more productive.


  1. IDS Home Ergonomic Mesh Medium Back Armless Computer Desk Task Office Chair


Finally, this is probably the simplest looking chair on the list. However, don’t let that trick you – even though it is armless, this is still a computer chair, specially designed for long hours of sitting. The seat is adjustable and very pleasant, which will allow you to concentrate on your work undisturbed for hours.


This is our list, and if you find at least one of these chairs interesting, we will know that we did our job right. Also, don’t forget to vote for your favorite chair, and feel free to tell us if we have missed a good one that you, personally, prefer.

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