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Oberlo promotes the user to add different product to the Shopify store and let users free from the selling and packaging process and cost. This organization originated in 2015. Almost 85 million products sold by Oberlo every year. It’s a drop shipping solution which is used by the so many new business owners.

How to launch Shopify store with Oberlo

An E-Commerce platform allows you to shop the product and store them in warehouse. When anyone places the order for the product, product is shipped to the customers. This model is good for the large organization but not valid for the small business setups. As this process requires lots of costs which includes, cost of the stock store and risk of the unsold products and miss of the potential sale if you do not have the item in the stock.

In case you are looking for option that can help you to open online store. Then you can go for substitute of the model which is dropshipping.

Drop shipping allows people to get the experience of the E-Commerce store by giving the chance to spend the time to generate the sales. In this, you need to maintain the inventory and start shipping. You do not need to worry about the product. Here is the process how this inventory management system works.


  • Easy process to import dropship products from the Oberlo form AliExpress. When you find the product you want to add to your list just click on the Oberlo icon and get the product in your store.
  • To ship and deliver the product to the customers just press on order product button. You do not need to worry about the process, as all the process done by Oberlo itself.
  • You can easily change the product information. When you want to update title, description, and images; you can do that with the single click of the mouse.
  • You can also create the pricing rules and set the price of bulk product too.
  • With the help of integrated order tracking you can track the place of the order.
  • This platform promotes multiple user activations. You can let other people run their online store.
  • With the help of epacket filter, you can check the products which have less delivery time.
  • You can even find the product on the Oberlo which you are already selling from the online store.
  • Switching between the suppliers is easy process. You can select the supplier on the basis of best rice offered for the product.

Ways to get drop shipping products


1)     You can directly contact a wholesaler and tell them to sign a deal for dropshipping products. Might be you have to spend more time to find out the dealer for dropshipping. If any case you find the company which likes to do business with the profitable business partner. This would not be a good start for the new venture


2)     You can use sourcing application and tools to contact the E-commerce site. You can easily import the product from the dropshipping product database. There are several drop shipping applications are available in the market. Oberlo is one of the most famous app for the dropshipping. You can easily import the dropshipping product form the AliExpress to the inventory stores. Any order can shipped directly to the customer just in few minutes. AliExpress offers the different product in the low-price.


While doing the business you can even take the help from Oberlo supply. This is the marketplace of the supplier that offers the wide range of drop shipping products to the new entrepreneur.

Benefits of using Oberlo

1)     After activating Oberlo account you can able to see the Oberlo dashboard. You authorized to visit this area with the help of app in the Shopify admin.

2)     It has user-friendly navigation system which allows user to access platform easily and comfortably.

3)     You have multiple ways to sort out and select the desired product. You can customize your search option as per the requirement.

4)     The entire item stored in the inventory can be seen on the single page which known as My Products.

5)     You can easily override the product on Oberlo. If you want to change the product with another product. You are allowed to do this effortlessly.

6)     Oberlo has notification area and supports report generation; you can generate the report of products available in inventory and delivered to the customers.

7)     The significance of this platform is all the processes happen automatically. It has automatic inventory management system, price updating process, current stock and level of the inventory. All processes done by the system itself.


Price policy


Oberlo believes to process in a simple way, so they offer simple price policy. They offer three prices policies to the customer which is starter, basic and professional. You can choose the one which suits you best. All the policy supports daily product synchronization and pricing automation.


The difference between the plans is the number of product which can import into the inventory store and the number of products which can deliver to the customer every month. You can choose starter if you do not have much experience in the E-commerce. After some time you can switch to professional. Make sure who have all the information about Oberlo before purchasing the policy.


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