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The parking space is one of the primary things a client or customer observes when they come to any business or establishment. It must look professional. There are approximately more than 50 million parking lots in the U.S, and according to law they must be painted with fresh coat every year or two. The most important point is to determine the proper layout for the parking lot. The flow of the traffic and how the people will get the parking lot is determined by the layout.

Before one go for the selection of parking lot one must be sure whether they need straight or angled parking. One must go through all pros and cons when choosing one over another.

You can go to some professionals to find the best layout possible for your parking lot. There are various things to be considered when you are preparing a new parking lot layout. It will be better to go through all the pros and cons of each possibility until one agree on a tailored solution the best fits his business. Parking striping is done to dedicate a particular area to the clients or customers.

It is important to have parking striping to avoid collision in parking lot, which surprisingly are very common fleet-related accidents in United States.  As it is a very serious issue, one must go for proper layout for parking stripes.

Parking spaces should be 9-19 feet in width for the spaces to be both easily accessible and conform to an efficient use of space.  If parking lot striping in Amarillo, Texas you are using perpendiculars, or straight in parking spaces you will need 19 feet and a minimum driveway width of 24 feet per car to allow easy access.  Parallel parking spaces require a curb length of 23 feet per car.  If you are planning an angled parking space, it is customary for the angle to be 60 degrees and requires a curb length of space depth of 21 feet and a driveway width of 18 feet for proper parking lot striping.

Parking lot striping business:

Now a day’s business of parking lot striping in Amarillo, Texas is a best small business to start up with. You should consider different factors that are associated with the striping business whether you are old or new to this industry. This stripping industry may be niche and smaller but needs lots of information and concern to carry on. Before starting with the business one must know about the market conditions and competitors. You can keep the below point in mind before starting:

  • Start you business after understanding the business background and history.
  • Another key point is to know how the market is competitive.
  • Understand how the climate will affect the business is just as important as understanding that how competitive a market is.
  • Depending on which part of the country you are working will tell you that how long of a season you have.
  • One must estimate the time in well advance they will need actually to complete their task.
  • In places where the climate has winter season, one must be clear with the fact that they have to stop their work for few months.
  • Not only climate conditions, but contractors should also be aware of when and how long they will be working.
  • They must be super flexible with working time.

Customer base is one of the other key factors which contractors need to think about when they will enter into the striping industry. It is one of the basic things you should know that which of their existing customers needs striping services and how to get others to follow them.  Think and plan in such way that from where you can get the customers.

If one does not have any existing customers then he must need to find out who are going to be his target customers, i.e. general contractors, property managers etc. You can also get help from fellow contractors and rely on them. One can start up with a seal coating company or a paving company. A striping contractor can have reliable sources and good customer base if he works in this way.


Once you have sufficient knowledge about the striping industry and you are able to make the required decisions for your business then the next step is to search for the right equipment. But before that you need to know that what type of equipments are needed to start out working in the industry and the number of striping machines are required for it.


Different equipment can be used for striping; the materials used in it differ with the equipments to apply them. Paints are mostly used to mark stencils and stripers line in the beginning. But one can also use other materials like thermoplastics. Materials like thermoplastics markings require specialized tools to apply markings as the equipments required heat.

Parking lot striping machine:

One can keep the parking lot and paved areas safely and neatly marked with striping machines. There are various types of machines available in the market, you can select them according to the requirements and needs of the customers.

Parking lot striping dimensions

Mainly there are three types of parking lot which you generally can see :

  1. Straight in parking
  2. 90° Angle parking 45°-60°
  3. Parallel parking 90°


There are three sizes of stalls.

  1. Typical 9’x18’ (Depending on the zoning of each city, there are certain guidelines you must follow.)
  2. Handicap minimum 8’ stall-minimum 5’ access way.( Depending on the zoning of each city, there are certain guidelines you must follow)
  3. Compact 7.5’x15’ or 8.5’x16’.( Depending on the zoning of each city, there are certain guidelines you must follow)



Parking lot striping companies:

In Amarillo, Texas you can find various parking lot striping companies. You can contact one of them to build your pavements and parking lots. Some of them are as follows:

  • Fuller & Sons Construction LTD
  • Holmes Construction Co LP
  • Centerline Supply LTD
  • The Striping Company
  • Valley Striping Corp.

A well striped parking lot does not only promote a safe and convenient slot, but also improve the overall aesthetics of your business. Striping also helps to give a safe parking environment for driving and pedestrians alike. There are various types of striping which you can choose according to your needs such as:

  • Re-paint existing lines
  • Safety line
  • Directional arrows
  • Curbing
  • Crosswalks
  • Blackout unwanted old lines

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