Parking Lot Striping Tips


First impression is the last impression, in case of any office and company, the parking lot is what that leaves the first impression. This is because when a customer or any relevant person enters your space, he has to look on the parking lot. The very first experience of your service and company’s status will appear in the way parking lot is designed. If he does not find any space to park his vehicle or sees other vehicles parked in a disturbed way, he will simply become entangled. This will just leave a bad impression about the company’s management as a facilitator. There are many customers who establish business relations after seeing the level of discipline exhibited by the company. A well managed, well maintained and well disciplined parking lot is indeed a good exhibit of company’s working mechanism.

Following are the tips that are adopted to have a good parking lot.

  1. Look for a Contractor cum Advisor

Just keep in mind one thing. You are not a designer. What you have to do is just to elaborate your needs and get the task done. In order to make sure that parking lot is striped sufficiently according to needs, be careful in selection of the contractor. This is because overall shape of the parking lot will ultimately depend upon the way contractor has worked. Just observe keenly the way contractor is talking to you. He must be very much interrogative about your company’s needs. If a contractor seems to be wise enough to give useful piece of advice then use his services for your parking lot striping.

  1. Choose for a Flexible Design

This is perhaps the most needed precaution that should be taken. It is a fact that needs keep on changing with time. For example the level of stock your company is dealing with can vary with time. If at present the space for carriage vehicle is enough to accommodate a pick up then in future it can fall short. This is because there are chances that loads are carried by heavy vehicles such as trucks. Here, the space should be expanded. It is necessary that relevant space is marked by strips by keeping in view the future needs. Here the facility manager should consult other management company. Off course, the future operations of company are mostly planned and expected.

  1. Never Compromise on Quality

It is a fact that parking lot is not a product meant for sale. Still, it is an asset of company that has to impact the sale. Just take the example of two consecutive shopping malls that have same sort of shops that deal in the same items. A potential buyer will first have to park his car. He will simply use the parking lot that gives him better edge. Yes, a good and well planned parking lot indeed gives a competitive advantage to the owner. Problem is that many companies don’t consider investing on parking lot as such a worth. They just hire quacks or make parking lots in an unplanned way. Here, quality is definitely being compromised. It is necessary to not compromise on quality and apportion proper cost for designing an efficient parking lot.

  1. Plan the Parking Lot for Type of Vehicle

Proper planning to accommodate each type of vehicle on parking lot is well needed. This is because an established business that has employees and a building needs to accommodate so many types of vehicles. Just imagine a situation where a client comes for meeting but he sees the parking space occupied by a truck. He will simply get offended. The image or reputation of company before him will become distorted. Here, proper yellow strips are needed that distinguish between each type of vehicle. There must be a space for bikes, cars, trucks and other such vehicles. It is also mandatory to mark the strips according to rank of the manager, if specific space is associated.

  1. Minimize Cost by Planning according to need

Not all the businesses have equal needs. Mostly it happens that certain criteria are set by businesses to design a parking lot. Every business small or large intends to follow the same principle for the design. Well this is not necessary. The level of management or number of employees definitely differs. Due to this the need also differ. Few contractors insist on designing the lot according to what is in. This should not be the criterion. Facility Manager should look at the exact needs, like number of vehicles parked in each hour and the types of vehicles. In brief the type of business should decide the level of parking lot.

  1. Use a Machine for Striping

In many cases designing a parking lot seems to be a complex process but it is not so in reality. Businesses usually pay huge sum of money to professionals. The task is not done properly even then. It happens that parking lot needs to be redesigned after every few years. Here, it is advised to use a striping machine. This investment is cost effective and makes a business to save huge money. This need become more when business has to undergo so many events. Here, the parking requirements keep on changing so the design of parking lot. Keeping a personal machine for parking lot striping allows altering the design according to ever changing needs. It is very much possible to look for the striping machine that is affordable and customizable.


Parking lot is not a facility but frames an outer impression of company. Number of cars parked, the way they are parked and striping base; all these traits are enough to give an insight about the condition of any business’s operation and exact level of company. It is necessary to carefully plan the striping of parking lot. It is good practice to train the employees in this regard rather than hiring a professional. This not only saves the cost but gives company greater edge to modify the parking lot exactly according to requirements.


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