Parking is one of the major problems in these days. If the parking is not done in a proper way then it will create problems to vehicle owner as well to the pedestrians. So a proper parking lot must be there to avoid accidents and other parking related problems. For that striping must be done to allot a dedicated space to everyone.

Striping helps to direct the traffic to the appropriate route of exit and entrance. It allow areas for parking, crosswalks, loading zones and defines drive lane that are enough wide to avoid accidents with pedestrians and cars. In Amarillo, parking lot striping ensures you a quality way for your parking lot, which is designed in such a proper way so as to maximize the number of cars can safely accommodated. You can go to some professionals to find the best layout possible for your parking lot. There are various things to be considered when you are preparing a new parking lot layout. In this article you can have basic step by step process of striping a typical parking lot. This will give you an idea of how you can do this typical job of striping. For this you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Set up for the job:

The first thing one must do is to set up their trailer for the work. They should load the striper, paint, etc. Everything you need for the job from paint to Gatorade should be kept in advance in the trailer.  If you forget the important things to carry with you then you again have to come back to your store.

  1. Arrive at the job:

Firstly you need to unload the striper and set up the work place. It will be better if you get it near water and grass as you can clean you machines easily without messing the parking lot. Before starting you should go for a test run or two. You must carry a blower to dry it up before it gets messed up.

  1. Set up a Striping Zone:

Next choose the area where the striping would be done. Then start to stripe the area and try to enclose it with cones or caution tape if necessary. Enclosing the area will keep the cars and people out from the area. You can then blow off the lines and make sure that everything is ready to paint.

  1. Striping the Parking Lot

Now you can start striping. Always try to stripe in a logical progression. Never stripe the center line in the beginning which is dividing the two rows of cars. As it will take more than 15 minutes to dry before you go for any more striping. Instead of that you can go for the 40 foot lines and work your way to the end. Roll back to the other end of the line and do one line down the center to finish off that section. You may wait for some time for the last lines to dry but you can knock out a few stripes in the next section if you do not want to wait, then roll back to section one and finish the center line.

  1. Move on to the Miscellaneous Items:

Start working with the miscellaneous items once the main work is finished.

You can do the white painting first and then go for yellow or blue if required. As is if the white lines are done at first after that you can go for basic flush and use blue or yellow. If you use other colors in the then again you have to clean the machine before going for white. This will reduce the risk of messing up with the colors. After that you can do the handicap lines and then finally clean your machine and keep it aside.


  1. Rolling out any arrows or symbols:

After you finished with painting the stripes then you can use a roller and paint to words, arrows, handicaps etc. The handicap symbol is mostly present you just need to freshen it up with your roller or you can use stencil if the symbol is not present. It is better to do a last check before you pack for the day.

While Parking lot striping one must keep some tips in mind, such as; you have to keep an eye on the drunken people as they may mess and go through the barrier you kept. You can block the main entrance of the parking space to keep them away. Also make a check on the vacuum truck at the parking lot as it may run over the stripes and can spoil it. If the striping is done in open stores then watch out for the people especially the pedestrians, as they can walk through the paint and get into the building. You must be very careful while striping as the people may slip and fall while walking on the fresh paint.

Some important point that one should remember for painting fresh stripes in parking lots

  • Get the machine lined up by using the tip guard
  • Roll the machine back 6 inches before the starting point
  • Focus on the starting point and the tip guard simultaneously
  • Keep your head still and walk with normal strides
  • Squeeze the trigger when you are directly over the starting point
  • Focus on where the paint hits the chalk line
  • Be mindful of your stopping point and slow down when you approach it
  • Let go of the trigger when you are right at the stopping point.

These days parking lot striping business is a best small business to start up with. You should consider different factors that are associated with the striping business whether you are old or new to this industry. This stripping industry is niche and smaller but needs lots of information and concern to carry on.

In Amarillo, parking lot striping is done by various specialized companies which have experience related to striping and pavement parking. You can research about them and then can contact them.

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