Exquisite benefits with the usage of directional arrow painting for parking lot

In the current business era, it’s very much vital to be professional at every stages. The stage starts for a business from their parking lot being the very first one that is seem and felt by the customers and clients. Hence the parking lot must be well maintained to handle the upkeep there is. Parking lot painting is one among the important factors when it comes to the external maintenance of the property and there are some ideal options you can get to make it the best.

The use of directional arrow painting

The directional arrow painting for parking lot would be an ideal choice to help the drivers understand the path they need to follow for right parking. Since parking is the welcome mat for all business, it has to be kept very much clean and crisp with the markings and directional arrows. If poorly maintained, it can easily make the clients feel that the owners are not very responsible or they are least bothered about the way their office space looks. Hence using right parking lots striping is very much essential.

Parking organization for better maintenance

If there are not visible lines for the drivers to indicate where they need to park their vehicle, then they would be in liberty to park wherever they want and it can cause problems. This will be especially in case if there is upkeep of cars using your parking space. Hence accurate parking space striping and proper directional arrow usage would make it look organized and help with maximum utilization of the space too.

Using best parking lot striping for maximum space utilization

There are many cases in which, a parking space that is found full with 20 cars can be used for parking around 24 to 25 vehicles. This is the wastage of space that could have added the parking of 4 or 5 more vehicles easily. Hence painting proper type of stall lines with directional arrows with be able to help with the maximum level of space optimization. This can help with the parking of plenty of vehicles thus reducing the problem of parking during weekends or when there is very peak hours.

Some very important recommendations for the accurate installation

Here are some important recommendations that must be followed carefully in order to get the best results from the installation of the directional arrow signage painting that is used on parking lots.

  • The surface and air temperature has to be about 50 degrees F
  • If the concrete used on the pavement has never been made available for traffic or it is not less than about 45 days, then the curing compound should be removed completely using pressure washing, grinding the surface or sandblasting procedures
  • If the surface is not completely dry then it must be made complete dry before installation of the arrow sign painting. The surface has to be free from any type of contaminants and clean. Some common contaminants comprise of grease, oil, dirt, dust, sand, soil, mud, salt, curing compound and lose aggregate.
  • Make sure to use Butt Splices always
  • All users are recommended to test over on a small piece for best or satisfactory adhesion before its installed on larger portions
  • You must not apply the product directly over deteriorating substrates, markings, seams or joints. If the tapes are applied directly over joints and seams then it should be cut through 1inch on either sides of seams or joints. This is to prevent the de-bonding when the tape is used.

Important factors to consider when you are using the arrow painting kit

The product must be firmly tamped in the similar direction as the first time it was applied or passed. There is a minimum of total three passes. You can make use of tamper device using a minimum load of 90kg or 200lb. also the tampering surface must be about a minimum of 2inches wide when compared with the width of the tape that is used or applied. The tampering device must never be twisted when tamping. If there is a need for more tamping then repeat the procedure in order to ensure that the tape has been completely attached on the surface.

What you get with the kit?

When you buy an arrow kit for arrow painting over parking lots then the kit would comprise of an arrow stencil. This kit would be with 3 different pieces that will interlock in order to make a straight arrow. It can be a left turn arrow or a right turn arrow as per the specification. The arrow type of stencil kit is very much recommended for the parking lot painting but it is ideal to be used anywhere as per the requirement. The thickness of an arrow stencil kit would determine the quality as in most cases it would be backed with a warranty for lifetime. The three pieces in the kit will be the head, a tail with a curve to signify the turn arrow and one short straight line.

Benefits from directional arrow painting

With the use of directional arrow painting for parking lot, it would not just help the visitors to easily navigate but can help the owner to offer much better spacing for more customers to park their cars as well. Most number of cars parks is also very much essential as per the local regulations in order to meet codecs for designated handicap parking spaces as well. These handicap parking space must be extra wide than regular parking area. Since there is a need to keep the wheelchair out of the van, additional space will be provided for the safety of the handicapped person. With directional arrow painting, the location of parking area for handicapped can be easily found when the parking area is very large. It would be an ideal factor to help people to find the exit when there is more number of cars that are parked in a parking area of larger space. There are many other benefits from using the directional arrow painting along with safety features.



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