Ensure to choose the best handicap parking painting for parking lots

Whenever you consider to get the parking lot striping done on your parking area, one of the most important factor to consider is to offer handicap parking space. You need to dedicate a parking for the handicaps that is convenient for them to park their vehicle and reach your office. Hence one of the most important tool that is considered to get the right type of marking with handicap parking painting is using a stencil. The usage of stencil for handicap parking painting for parking lots would be very efficient and easy option to mark the special areas. Whether it’s used in a stadium, doors, ramps or parking lot the handicap stencil is a saver from all the trouble that has to be undergone to repaint the handicap sign with free style.

Why consider adding handicap parking striping on every parking lot?

Configuring the space for handicap parking will easily cater the requirements of parkers who are handicapped is not just out of compassion. It’s actually an agreement with the law. The act of Americans with disabilities was passed having a special view on the development and addition of benefits and facilities that are very much sensitive to the people with special needs. The rule is configured primly towards the people who have been confined to use the wheelchairs. But as per the ADA regulations, the preferential parking space can be conferred by any person who is qualified as handicapped.

More on the ADA parking rules

According to the regulations set by the ADA, it states that there is a minimum space on the parking lot that has be specifically reserved for the people with physical disabilities. This number would be considered as a fraction among the available slots. Any common parking lot that has the capacity for 25 vehicles should reserve a particular parking slot that can only be used by people with physical disabilities. This ratio would increase accordingly to the total number of parking spaces available in an area.

Special conditions to consider with handicapped parking slots

According to ADA regulations, a minimum of about 60 inches is allocated as it is assumed by the regulators board that, any handicapped person would require much more space than any normal person, when exiting their vehicle. Again this would apply to those who are disabled people using the wheelchairs. However any person with any other type of disability would not have any level of complaints with the extra room provided. Also one among the eight with a minimum of one slot must be about 96 inches wide or can be even more. This is considered with the fact of van that is equipped having a wheelchair lift. As the access aisle would be at least 60 inches wide and has to be placed beside such type of parking slot. Hence two such type of parking slots can share a common aisle.

Handicapped parking painting to let other drivers know

without considering the final space count for the disabled, the boundaries that is provided on these special parking slots along with its identity of such spaces being reserved for the physically disable people has to be marked very clearly with a common known sign for all. The lines that denotes the availability of access aisles has to be sprayed with a diagonal fashion so that it can warn other drivers that this particular space is prohibited for parking for others.

Choose the right stencil to mark the handicap signs

One among the best means to paint handicap parking signage for parking lots would be using a stencil. There are some really good collection of stencils you can find over online to download. There is wide range of collection to choose from with various designs and style. You can download them easily to your computer but the use of a commercially purchased one would not be easy to beat. The reason for the effectiveness of a commercially purchased stencil is that, the paint that is applied using a commercial type stencil would seeps the paint under the stencil soon you apply it. It can help you get a much better and professional finish as well.

Contents of handicap parking stencil kit

A common type of handicap parking kit would comprise of a stencil that shows the international symbol for disable people that is the icon of a person who is seated on a wheelchair. This would serve the purpose with complying as per ADA regulations that mandates the accurate marking and assignment of parking slots that is ideal for handicapped. If you want to buy them, then they are easily available at most of the stores in the market. It can also be purchased with durable plastic that can help with repaints too. It’s a very easy aspect for the regular maintenance when required. If you are having an upkeep type of parking lot, then it’s very much highly advised that you have one spare in hand so that the disabled type of parking slots will be legally in good shape all the time.

Benefits for handicapped with parking by ADA

With the law and regulations imposed by ADA for handicapped parking, people with physical disabilities are not able to access different venues very easily. It has also been a selling point for some establishments. If you have a requirement of installing a handicap sign on your parking lot then considering the stencil would be a great choice. Since there is always a need for more than one sign to be fixed, a great quality stencil is the right choice of purchase. Also the stencil that is made out of plastic would be very much advised over those that are made out of oil board or cardboard. The oil board or cardboard can easily become soggy and would require much higher level of maintenance as well. A plastic stencil must be thick enough to stay flat over the area to be painted. If a light stencil is used, it might let the paint to bleed making the sign look worse. Hence choose the best plastic stencil and get the right handicap parking painting for parking lots that you have.




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