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Whatever Your Mind Conceives You Can Achieve.

The quote, “Whatever your mind conceives you can achieve” was made by Napoleon Hill. This quote is as true and accurate as any quote can be. In case you have never heard of Napoleon Hill, he is the author of Think and Grow Rich. He was amongst the first people, who thought about how powerful the mind is. Several leaders have been motivated through Napoleon Hill’s teachings and writings.

What the quote emphasizes is the fact that if you can think about anything in your mind or if any imagination should come from your mind, then your mind has the capacity to create such a thing. It is possible for the mind to think about a lot of great and wonderful things. However, when these thoughts come up, you don’t just relax and hope for them to happen. You have to work towards ensuring that they happen. This is how to really ensure that you achieve what your mind has created.

The mind has very great powers and abilities. Man has however, continued to limit the ability and capability of the mind to achieve its full potentials. For instance, scientists believe that humans only use 10 percent of his or her mind. This implies that we leave about 90 percent of the potentials of our minds fully untapped. Just imagine that you are paid 100 percent of your salary and you are only allowed to use 10 percent of it, nothing more. This is exactly what we are doing to our mind.

The fact that people only use 10 percent of their mind is worsened by the fact that a lot of people do not even use theirs correctly. Several people have found their selves in a lot of trouble because they don’t know how to use their minds properly. If only everybody in the world was able to use that 10 percent of their mind properly, imagine how far the world would have gone. Now further imagine if we were all able to use 90 percent of our minds accurately, perhaps, there would be no problem in the world today. In the few events that any arise, they would be cured immediately.

Steps to follow so that you can achieve whatever your mind conceives

When your mind conceives a thing, by taking action, you can get that thing to come to pass no matter how impossible it might be. You just have to believe that you can do it and that you will do it. The most important thing for you to do however, is to stay positive. This is very important as this will keep you motivated to work. Here are some steps you can take to achieve whatever your mind conceives.

Engage your mind: It is important to keep your mind engage if you want to achieve what your mind has conceived. Always remember and always believe that you can do it. You need to be positive about it. You might have feelings or thoughts might come up, that would make it feel as though nothing can happen. Irrespective of the thoughts that come up, just believe that you can make it and you would make it.

Concentrate on your positive qualities: You should also think about the positive qualities you have. Your determination, your zeal, the drive that you have amongst others should always be in your mind during this period. You should remember all your past achievements and how you were able to achieve tasks that were seemingly impossible in the past. You should concentrate on these things and believe that once you can think about it, you can achieve it.

Motivate yourself: For every time you feel like giving up, you should learn to motivate yourself. Imagine yourself successfully creating that thing, imagine the impact it would have on your, your family, your environment, your society, your country and the world at large. Every night, before you sleep, think about that dream, think about the impact, think about the progress you are making, think about what is left to be done and tell yourself that you are going to succeed no matter what. All of these is important, as they would motivate you towards achieving that dream.

Take action: You might be lucky to have a lot of time on your hands and you might also be lucky to have just a little time. Irrespective of if you have much time on your hands or just a little time, you should learn to make out time for the dream. You don’t have to wait until you can forget about the whole of your life to concentrate on that dream. If you should want to look for that type of opportunity, it might never come. Your best bet is therefore to ensure that every day, you are making progress. You might decide to say between 6:30am and 7:30am every day, before I leave for my daily job, I must do something about this project. You might be lucky to have 2 hours a day, 3 hours a day or even 30 minutes a day. No matter how difficult, ensure that a day does not pass, without you making progress on the work. Make sure that you make progress every day. Plan your day very well, before you sleep, think about what you intend to do on the dream the following day and write it down. No dream will come to pass without a conscious effort to make it come to pass. Furthermore, the effort must come with action. You can’t wish a dream to come to life and it would. You must work really hard at it.

Listen to your mind: It is important to listen to your mind if you want to achieve what your mind has conceived. The thought has come up from your mind and your mind would also have the right ideas towards achieving that dream. It is thus very vital that you ensure that you listen to your mind for your dream comes to pass. Whenever you are getting stock, you should listen for hints from your subconscious mind. Sometimes, these hints might seem foolish and like they don’t relate to the project. You should however not wave aside any thought. Take action on it and see what the outcome is going to be. Even if it seems not to fit at that point in time, it might fit at a later part of the project.

Do not be scared: When you are trying to create a big project that is going to change the world, there is a probability that you might get scared. You might believe you do not have the ability and wherewithal to carry out the project. You should however ensure that you put aside fear the instant it comes up. Encourage yourself and believe that you can do it. Putting away fear can sometimes be difficult, it can however be achieved at all times. Fill up yourself with positive thinking at all times. That is the best way to overcome fear.

Get a partner: There are instances where you would need other people around you to achieve the dream. If this is the case, do not shy away from it. Start working on the project and get as far as you can. Once you have reached the level where you need a helping hand, look around for people who have the skills and abilities you are looking for. Approach them and talk to them. Once you know you can trust them, tell them about your dream and why you would want them to join them. The biggest attraction for them would however be when you tell them how far you have gone with the project. Most people find it easier joining projects that have been started with reasonable progress, compared to joining a project that does not even have a blueprint yet. There are different ways you can bring in a partner, you could either pay the person for his or her services. If you have the means, this is always the easiest choice. When you however don’t have the money, both of you could agree on a percent of the profit that would go to him after the project is successful. Overall, you should know that there are a lot of projects, especially big ones where you might even need partners that might span over 10 individuals. You should be able to conclude on how many people you need from the scratch, what their contribution will be and how you intend to convince them to join (through direct payment or by giving them shares).

Finances: This has been the major thing people complain about when it comes to achieving their dreams. How to finance it? It can be difficult getting money to finance a dream, especially if it is a capital intensive one. You should however, try not to be discouraged if you do not have enough money to finance the project. The first thing is to start with what you have and get to where you can get to. Once you have something tangible you can show to people, it would be easier for you to get finance. There are a few option of finance that is open to you. You would have to consider each of them and try to find out which would work for you. The options include:

  • Working to finance the project: It is possible for you to continue your daily job and use a particular percentage of the money to finance the project. In this case, you would have less time for the project, however you would be able to continue to work on your project without stopping and without bringing in external influences that could bring you down. This process might however lead to a significant increment in the time that you would have used to complete the project. On the one side, you would find it difficult having enough time for the project and on the other side, you might not even have enough money to get materials you will need on particular days. You should however ensure that even when such materials are not possible, you continue to plan about what you would need to do when you get the material. Don’t wait for them before you know what you would do with them. Continue on the part of the project where you have everything you need to proceed on the project.
  • Getting support: Another option would be to get support from family and friends. There are instances where you could have family members or friends who are wealthy enough to assist you without any strings attach. Some of these people could be financially comfortable and are always happy and willing to invest in family members, especially young ones, who have big dreams. If you are lucky to have this type of people around you, approach them and let them know what you are doing. With any luck you might be able to get the full amount or a good percentage of what you require to continue and complete the project.
  • Loan: It is possible to approach a bank or any financial institution where you can loan money for your project. The process for this might sometimes be tedious as you might be asked to tender collaterals. You would also have to pay back the loan within a stipulated timeframe and also with interest. If you have what it takes to exploit this option and it seems like the best option you have, then you can go for it. This is especially if you know that when your project is successful, it would be able to cater for the loan and interest. It would also be advisable to have a plan B of how to pay up the loan in case your project does not get completed within the time you thought it would. This way, you would avoid the issue of banks taking over your collateral or other issues.
  • Partners: Partners are another option, through which you can get to achieve your project. You can get people who have the ability and skills that you would have had to pay for. You can also partner with stores who sell the raw material you need. In these cases, they legally become a part of your business and get shares. It is however advisable that if you want to follow through this option, don’t ever allow your partners total shares to be more than yours. In other words, it is important that you have at least 51 percent of the shares and 51 percent of the power. This way, they don’t one day plan together and throw you out when you have to vote and their total votes are more than yours. Ensure that your 1 vote must always be more powerful than the total number of their votes, whenever a decision about the business is put to vote. You are the owner of the dream, your mind conceived this dream, and your mind knows best what it should be used for. Do not allow people who do not have all these details to someday be able to decide what happens with it, whether you agree with it or not.

Every dream comes with challenges, and finances is often one of the most difficult challenges that is faced by people who are working on a dream or project. The ideas listed above and many others are available for you to overcome this challenge. Don’t ever allow money hold you down from achieving your dreams. Even if all of the other options don’t work out, work with your hands, make money and put the money into the project. At the end, you would be very happy when everything goes according to plan and your dream is completed.






Everything is About to Change

Every change we have noticed in the world today, started just because someone taught about it. How about I can talk to someone 10,000 miles away from here? How about I can cover 150 miles within an hour? How about I can fly from here like a bird? How about I can watch what is happening on the other end of the world from the comfort of my room? That is how change beings and these changes always start from the mind. When something pops up in your mind, that is the same way, everything you are seeing today once popped out of someone’s mind.

Today, it might be looking obvious, that it seems very easy to do. You should however know that at the point it popped out in the person’s mind, it probably seemed impossible. Perhaps, much more impossible than what you just conceived in your mind. If you take time to read about the stories of some inventions, then you might get to understand how difficult it was for some of these people to actually achieve their dreams. In some instances, they failed several times – the story of the bulb invention. In other cases, they didn’t succeed, but others succeeded after them and they were still acknowledged – Charles Babbage analytical computer.

There were thus a lot of people that thought about particular things in the past, but it was virtually impossible for them to achieve it because when they thought about it, the necessary technology needed to achieve the thoughts were not in existence then. Today however, technology is much more improved and irrespective of what you have thought about, there is a huge probability that you would have the technology to support you in achieving it.

We are thus at an advantage in this generation and we should learn to take those advantage. Imagine the type of information at our finger tips through the Internet which we can easily access from our computers and mobile phones. Just 30 years ago, you would spend millions of dollars and you still won’t have access to the number of information you can just browse today on the Internet.

A single search for instance, can take you directly to where the information you are looking for is located. In those days, the best choice you had was going through table of contents. And then locate the page and line by line. And then the book might still not have exactly what you desire. This implies that the information you can get within 5 minutes, with your mobile phone and a cheap data plan, could take someone years to locate, just 30 years ago.

Despite all of these improvements, it is better to know that in the next 30 years or maximum of 100 years, the world would still have undergone much more changes than what we have now. Everything that we regard as latest today, would be so old school, that they would only be fit for ancient museums.

As early as the 1890s, it was once suggested by an individual that every invention center in the world should be closed down. He said that everything that could ever be invented in the world has been invented and that nothing new can ever be invented in the world. Looking however between 1900 and today, it is possible to see how shortsighted and wrong the individual was.

The airplane, personal computers, mobile phones, colored and digital cameras amongst many others were invented after this period. Same way, if you are thinking today, that nothing new can ever be invented, that everything that can ever be invented has been invented, then you should know that you are also very wrong. There is going to be innovations and inventions and new things even in the next 1,000 years.

If you so desire, you can be an instrument of this change. If you mind has conceived a thing, start working towards achieving it, and you might soon make history, as one of the major inventors who changed everything in the world. Here are some tips you can follow to change everything.

Tip 1: Believe that you can never fail

Failure and success begins from the mind. They are both figments of our imagination. If you want to be successful or make great achievements, then it is left for you to choose that you would succeed. This is because if you choose that you will fail, then you have failed. If you also choose that you are going to succeed, then you would surely also succeed. It is thus important that you choose that you are going to succeed and that you will never fail. Once you have this believe, you would want to do everything to make sure that you succeed. Failure would not be on your mind and whenever it comes, you faith that you would succeed would always defeat the fear.

If you however place your thought on the fact that you will fail, then you have failed already without even starting. And should you attempt to start the project with such a mindset, you would most likely quit the moment the first challenge hits you. It is virtually impossible to see negatively minded people succeeding in good things. For you to thus successfully achieve your dream, you must not give failure a place in your mind or your heart.

You must believe in your mind that you can be successful in everything and at every time. If you do this, then failure will never be your portion. You should know that you don’t have to be perfect before you succeed. There is virtually no perfect person in the world. Therefore, there are no criteria for perfection. Do your thing, follow your mind, release the first version. Then once this is done, you can continue to do upgrades and updates.


Tip 2: Time is very vital

When you have a project you need to achieve, it is vital that you are mindful of time. Time is extremely vital in all our activities. It is very important that you make the most of your time on a daily basis and ensure that you are able to make progress every day. Ensure that you are extremely dedicated to what you are doing. There is the popular saying that you should live every single day as though it is going to be your last on earth. The aim of this saying is to encourage you to make the most of every day. Do not push anything you can do today till tomorrow. There is never a more perfect time to do anything than now. Now is always the best time to do that thing you want to do. You might be able to do it tomorrow, but tomorrow is no more going to be the best time. It is thus vital to ensure that you put as much time into your dream as possible. The only difference between a successful dream and one that is not successful is what was done with the time. You should also know there have been cases where 2 or more people are working on the same project at the same time. The first person to finish the project however, is often the person that is credited for the project. With any luck, the person might even get a patent and then all your time and effort goes to null.

Tip 3: Focus

You would require focus if you really want to change everything. Lack of focus would often lead to confusion. It is thus in your hands if you prefer to be focused or you would rather be confused. There are instances where we get confused about people, life, things, our projects, our dreams and even ourselves. When this confusion arises, we feel lost and empty and want to give up on everything. We will however need to focus to get past this phase. Think about the dream or project, focus on the end result and the breakthrough, success and rewards that would come with it. Think about what effort, energy, time and finances you have put into it. Tell yourself that all of this must not go in vain.

In some cases, mistakes are the major causes of this confusion. We should thus also focus on what we did wrong and how to correct them. We should know that failure is not when you fail in an attempt. Failure is when you give up on what you are doing. When you tell yourself that you will never succeed at it and that it is impossible. When you throw all caution to the wind, turn back on your dream and tell yourself that you are through with this project. Instead of doing this, you should focus on success. Learn from your mistake and move on. Once you are able to do this, you would be able to get back on track once more and you can be sure success is just be very close by.

Tip 4: Companions

Always stay around your friends. In this case, I am referring to positive friends. Hand out with friends who can give you helping hands and friends who would encourage you. Stay away from friends who would discourage you and tell you it is not possible. Ensure that your friends will suggest you spend more time on your project and not distract you. Ensure that your friends are the ones who would tell you, you can make it when it seems as if you have failed. Not those who would say we already told you this is impossible and you can’t make it.

Tip 5: Aim for the best

It is always important that we aim for the past when we are trying to achieve what our mind has conceived. This is the best way to change everything. Try not to start by aiming for average. There is a quote which says that you should aim for the sun, even if you miss, you will fall among the stars. If you however start by aiming for the stars, should you miss, you might just find yourself back on the ground. It is thus important to strive towards perfection and ensure that you do everything the best way you can if you want to change the world. Do not try to manage things, that as far as it would work. Try to work towards, this is the best that would give the best effect.

Overall, changing everything starts from your mind. What your mind conceives and how you handle it. Everyone was created to have an impact on the world and change it. It is left for you to tap into this and achieve it, or become redundant in the world.

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