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Royal Jelly Skin Care Benefits

What is Royal Jelly ?

Royal Jelly is a secreted part of honey bee which is used to alimentation of adult queens and larvae. It is collected from the gland of worker bees and brought up to all larvae without any making any difference of sex or caste. Worker bees feed small larvae(s) with an ample quantity of Royal Jellies to develop Queen Cells within them so that they can replace the current queen.

Composition of Royal Jelly

It is composed of 11% of simple sugar, 12.5% of crude protein and 67% of water and it also includes a little amount of various amino acids and 5% of fatty acids. It includes 2-3% of 10-HDA and some enzymes, Vitamin B5, B6, C and many trace minerals.

Among the other 185 elements of Royal Jelly that helps a bee to appear as a queen, the most important one is Royalactin which is considered as a single protein. Only those jellies which include Royalactin help the Larvae’s upbringing as a queen of the colony.

Royal Jelly Skin Care Recipes

Later on, skin nutritionist put it to use for making some skin product which will be fruitful for people skin and health. It was started collected from the honeycomb of each queen individually. As the queen cells are fulfilled with the massive amount of Royal Jelly, so it collected from there only. An ideal beehive of five to six month of age can provide 500gm of Royal Jelly. It needs to be placed into a cold storage just after collecting it as it is mortal. After gathered the Royal Jelly it sold in the market as human’s dietary supplement.

There are different divisions of products available in the market made with Royal Jelly such as Royal Jelly Skin Care, Royal Jelly Lotion, Royal Jelly Cosmetics, Royal Jelly Face Cream etc. Royal Jelly is used as an essential part of skin care and cosmetic products since 1950.

Royal Jelly Skin Care Products

Royal Jelly is used as an important ingredient in many skin care products as per the beliefs of it power to reduce age. As age increases, the proficiency of skin cell renovation process became slow as tissue cure and rejuvenation of cells slow down. The skin loses the required volume of natural moisture. For less production of collagen, the skin becomes rough and loses its’ pliability. By slowing down the aging process then collagen production can be boosted up. The ingredients of Royal Jelly, such as silicon, hormones, nucleic acids, enzymes, flavonoids, vitamins B6, B5, B3, B2, B1, zinc, acetylcholine etc. helps the skin cells to increase the production and promotion of collagen. Royal Jelly essential skin care set includes Royal Jelly Capsules which could be taken in the measurement of two three capsules of 1000mg per day for caring the skin topically. Another one is Royal Jelly Face Cream benefits the skin to glow and moisture. The last one is Royal Jelly Soap which is not made of chemicals and is cent percent natural with the ingredients as Royal Jelly, honey, and beeswax.

Royal Jelly Cosmetics Products

As it is a coarse white paste, it is easy to concrete it into cosmetics as it doesn’t need to be discolored. It has been using in an ample number of cosmetic products like hand lotions, eye creams, lipsticks, face creams, shampoos, liquid foundations, nail colors etc. and use of it is continued till date. It is minimally added in any cosmetic product in the equation of 100mg of it in a 30gm jar which acquires 0.5% of a mixture.

Approximate Cost of Royal Jelly Products

Each of a jar contains Royal Jelly as a mixture costs around $15 in 1950. Royal Jelly was used by some top ranked cosmetics brands to prevent aging issues. Now a day Royal Jelly Beauty Treatment package costs around $50 while Royal Jelly Beauty Treatment with Fresh Royal Jelly costs $70.

Benefits of Royal Jelly

For people who have work and stress load ends up with frizzy hair and lifeless skin. Kidneys and adrenals are also taken the loads along with you and deserve rest to reanimate and regain. Kidneys are the two pillars of body strength. A weaker kidney causes sagged skin and dull hair. Royal Jelly helps to keep the adrenals and kidneys well functioned. Taking Royal Jelly capsules at the time of stress is considered to be a useful remedy.

A glowing and healthy skin needs Sun exposure but too much of the exposure causes skin tanning and aging. The exposure of the Sun can’t be the measure to a limit to prevent skin from it but Royal Jelly is a great solution for this as it’s proved that it protects the skin from aging caused by the Sun. Scientists examined Royal Jelly by applying it on the skin and put them for sunburn. It revealed that the Royal Jelly fights with the burning UVB rays of the Sun and its 10-HAD ingredient keep the cells healthy and helps to produce new cells.

In the case of hormonal incompatibility or during the menstruation the hormones decreased and can cause skin issues. Women can face the problem such as dry skin with visible wrinkles, monthly cycle reduce testosterone, lack of blood vessels in a skin and the present skin became off-color etc. Royal jelly is a very useful tonic for all hormonal issues related to skin and cells. To balance the hormonal activities on skin, Royal Jelly should be taken regularly for 3 months. Royal Jelly also useful to improve the immune system, cures wound cuts, has ingredients to prevent cancer primarily, propagates fat metabolism, control the cholesterol level and the level of blood sugar. Taking a small dose as per prescribed can heal many health issues.

Royal Jelly can be used naturally by maintaining a bee-garden in own place or it can be used by having medicines which are made of with the purpose of produce the benefits of Royal Jelly. One can consult a nutrition expert and start taking Royal Jelly Supplements as per guidance.

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