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15 Tips On How To Remove Fake Nails

Fake nails, acrylic nails, gel nails, whatever you call them is a confidence booster when you are going out for glamorous parties. Your hands may be tired due to your work or simply because of time constraints in your life or due to the absence of proper care, your nails may be chipped or yellowish and the list goes on. What to do now? The trick is to stick on fake nails to get instant sexy hands. Your party is over and now you want to get it off. How to remove fake nails is the question then. How to remove gel nails safely, how to remove fake nails at home, how to remove fake nails without breaking them off and so on. You google, you ask your friends and most of the time you simply go to a beauty parlor to take them off. You don’t have to pay so much simply because you want to enhance your beauty. The answers are here for all your questions on how to remove fake nails.


These simple tips will answer all your questions about removing fake nails and will also show how to remove fake nails step by step.

1)Proper supplies

Removing fake nails is not as hard as you think. You need to have the right tools and a little bit of patience. And how to remove fake nails properly without proper supplies. You will need a nail clipper, water, petroleum jelly, polish remover, nail file, a bowl, oil (preferably olive oil), clean towels, cotton and moisturizing lotion.

2)Salon or home for removing fake nails?

It is also your choice. The method mentioned above for removing fake nails is painless and can be done in the comfort of your home. You can do this within a limited amount of time with little or no cost. But if you want a safer and faster way to remove fake nails, go and visit your neighborhood salon.

3)How to remove fake nails using rubbing alcohol?

Are you wondering how to remove fake nails at home? You can use rubbing alcohol for this purpose. Cut short your acrylic nails and keep it in the shortest possible length. Apply petroleum jelly to the skin surrounding your nails thoroughly and not on the nails itself. Pour rubbing alcohol into a bowl so that your fake nails will be immersed easily. Soak the nails for about 15 to 20 minutes and try to separate the fake nails form the natural ones. Use a cuticle pusher and scratch the acrylic nails from the bed of your nails. Wash your hands using a soap and warm water thoroughly and dry them with a clean towel. Finish off by applying generous amounts of moisturizer on your hands.

4)How to remove fake nails using dental floss?

Carefully place a piece of dental floss under the gel nail and slowly work it back and forth across the nail. Keep on doing it till the nail gets off. If you want to do it faster, ask someone to do it for you.


5)Can I use sugar solution for removing fake nails?

No you cannot. Sugar solution will cause the glue to stick and the nails will not get off easily. Do not try this method for removing fake nails.

6)Do I need to clip my fake nails before removing it?

Cutting the acrylic nails short will make it easier for you when you try to remove them. It is not mandatory, it is for removing the nails easily as longer nails will require more time while filing them.

7)How to remove fake nails without dipping in acetone?

Removing fake nails is not a big task. Using acetone for removing fake nails is your choice. If you don’t want to use acetone, you can replace it with a natural polish remover. All other steps can be done as in nail removal with acetone.

8)Can I remove fake nails by tearing them off my hand?

Forcefully removing the acrylic nails is not advisable as they may harm the layers of natural nail present beneath it which may lead to infections later.

9)How will I protect my skin from acetone or rubbing alcohol?

You must apply petroleum jelly on your skin surrounding the nails before dipping it into acetone or alcohol solution. Jelly will protect the skin from their chemical action.

10)How to remove top coat and under layer of acrylic nails?

To remove top coat and gloss, you have to use a nail buffer and file it thoroughly. Dip your finger in a bowl of acetone solution to remove the glue and under layer.

11)What to do if one dislike dipping fingers in acetone solution?

If you don’t want to dip your fingers into a solution, apply acetone to your nails and wrap it up with aluminum foil. Keep it for at least 5 minutes and try to remove the nail. If it is not coming off easily, repeat the process by applying acetone and covering it with foil.

12)How to remove fake nails using cuticle sticks?

Use a cuticle stick to pry up an edge and when you get it, use the cuticle scissor to cut off the acrylic nail. When using cuticle stick and scissor, do not pry up more than a little of the nail at any time, as this will cause harm to the layers of natural nail beneath it.

13)What to do if natural nails become thick and discolored after usage of fake nails?

If such a condition happens, you should immediately contact your dermatologist or physician.

14)How to protect torn skin after nail removal?

After buffering, if you feel that your natural nail is a bit torn, apply cuticle cream and moisturizer to it.

15)How do I remove fake nails using acetone?

First step is clipping your nails. Cut it as short as possible as it will be easier for you to remove it then.

Next you have to use the nail buffer to remove the top coat of your gel nails. This will improve the speed of action of acetone. Remember to clean of nail dust after buffering.


Now apply petroleum jelly around the nails and on the skin surrounding the nails. It is for protecting the skin from polish remover.


Take a bowl and fill it with nail polish remover and dip your nails in it. After some time the glue holding the acrylic nails will come off. Now take off the fake nails gently. If you find some resistance, dip it back into acetone remover for about 5 to 10 minutes.


Forcefully never remove your fake nails as it may harm your natural nails. Clean your hands with water.


If glue is still present after wash, remove it using a nail buffer. Use oil to massage your hands and nails for a moisturizing effect.


  • Tips on how to remove fake nails

    • Do not keep acetone nail remover in a plastic bowl.
    • Clip the acrylic nails to short length for ease of removing fake nails.
    • Buffer should be used to file out top layer and sides of acrylic nails. Do not bite gel nails for any reason.
    • Acetone you use for nail removal is highly inflammable. Keep it away from fire or sparks for your safety.
    • You can use dental floss to remove fake nails if you want to get it done quickly.
    • Wash off the glue completely using warm water and soap. If glue is sticking even after rigorous wash, use the nail buffer to clean it.
    • After wash moisturize your fingers and hands with oil or moisturizing lotion. Olive oil is usually preferred.

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