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14 Tips On How To Reduce Acidity

Acidity problems are common in both children and adults. The acid buildup in the stomach results in a burning sensation and pain along with indigestion and damage to your stomach lining and so much more. How to reduce acidity is a question everyone asks once in a while. Stomach acid production is not the main problem here as it is essential for breaking down the food we eat. The problem arises when the stomach acid content rises above a certain level and most of the time it is due to our actions. The reasons for buildup of stomach acid may vary like diet, natural acidity of one’s body, heredity, and lifestyle among other things. Following some healthy dietary habits, we can easily avoid this problem to a large extent. To reduce acidity in body, one must control their diet and exercise regularly. Learning how to reduce acidity is the first step you can take to prevent or cure this disease. Following those steps religiously is what you should do next.


How to reduce acidity in stomach?

Acidity and other stomach acid problems can be reduced to a great extent by trying certain foods and avoiding certain items.

Here are 14 tips to help you to reduce acidity.

1)Using Milk

Are you wondering How to reduce acidity by use of milk? You must start with intake of milk. Milk contains calcium, which is alkaline in nature and will neutralize acid in contact. Whenever you feel a burning sensation in your stomach, drink a glass of milk.


2)Using Basil Leaves

Simply chew some basil leaves at the first sign of sign problems. Its soothing problems will be helpful to reduce acidity in stomach.


3)Using Cinnamon

For those who are wondering how to reduce acidity in stomach, cinnamon will be a great answer. It is a natural antacid. So instead of popping pills the next time you get stomach acid problems, try cinnamon tea. Add one teaspoon of cinnamon to two cups of water and boil it. Allow it to steep for few minutes and after cooling, drink this two to three times a day.


4)Using cumin seeds

Cumin seeds also can acts as good acid neutralizing agents. Additional benefits you will earn include improved digestion and relief from stomach pain. How to reduce acidity in stomach using cumin seeds? Simply roast some cumin seeds and crush them and stir the crushed powder in a glass of water. Drink this cumin seed water after every meal.


5)Using Tea

Do you know how to reduce acidity using tea? Try herbal teas like Chamomile or Fennel Tea as they have the capacity to soothe your stomach and reduce the rate of acid production. You must sip the tea after it cools down as drinking hot tea will result in increased acid production.


6)Using Apple or Apple vinegar

If you prefer fruits to tea, you can choose apple or apple vinegar. Apples, though acidic in nature can reduce acidity in body with the enzymes and healthy acids present in it. Use organic products whenever possible.


7)Using water

Prevention is always better than cure. So every day you wake up, remember to drink a glass of water. Intake of at least 8 glass of water is necessary for your health. Water will neutralize the acid and reduce acidity in body.


8)Try non citrus fruits

Try non citrus fruits like watermelon, apple and banana instead of citrus ones to neutralize the stomach acid. It will help to get rid of acid


9)Foods to avoid

Know how to reduce acidity by restricting certain foods? You need to reduce the consumption of acidic foods and increase intake of alkaline foods. This will help to balance acidic levels of your body. Avoid beverages like aerated drinks and alcohol, and avoid excess intake of tea and sugary items. Dried foods must be consumed moderately


10)Using Yogurt

To prevent acid troubles in future, try to include a cup of yogurt in your daily diet.


11)Fruits and vegetables

How to reduce uric acid in your body with fruits is another important tip you need to learn. Your diet must include enough fruits and vegetables which will neutralize the acidity in your body by increasing body’s alkalinity. Vitamin c rich foods must be a part of your diet. Cherries, blueberries, pineapple are some of the fruits to be included in your weekly menu.


12)Coffee and Tea

How to reduce uric acid using tea? You can have tea and coffee in moderation. 2 to 3 cups a day is permissible. Anymore and you are increasing your acidity.


13)Meat and other animal products

To limit uric acid in the body, one must be careful in consumption of animal products and meat. Poultry foods and organ meat should top your list of offending foods and must be avoided.


14)Lemon and Honey

Mix the juice of a lemon with two teaspoons of honey in a glass of warm water. Drink this everyday in the morning. This will clear out excess acid from the body and create an alkaline state.


  • Tips on how to reduce acidity

    • Try to include alkaline foods like fruits and vegetables in your diet as they neutralizes the acidity in body
    • Avoid fast food and junk food and learn to consume healthy and natural foods. Natural foods lower acid problem and helps to maintain your body weight.
    • Avoid alcoholic beverages and carbonated drinks. Also stay away from excess consumption of sugars and fried foods.
    • Take potassium rich foods like honey and bananas.
    • Your lifestyle also contributes to acid production in body. Reduce the stress level for a healthy body and mind. Deep breathing helps to maintain a stress free condition.
    • Try to keep your body mass index in a constant level. Adjust your diet and perform regular exercise to maintain your body in a healthy state.
    • Avoid eating large portions 3 times a day. Instead have your daily diet as 5 to 6 small meals. Small meals only require little amount of acid production.

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